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We have created this page to act as a reminder of articles we have previously had on our main "home page".
Sydney Carter 1915-2004
Sadly, Sydney Carter passed away on March 18th. 2004. Perhaps best known for "Lord of the Dance", Sydney wrote many other songs and poems. Click here to read more about Sydney Carter.
Best selling artist?
Find out about who is the best selling artist of all time - the answer might surprise you! Click here (visit the BBC web site). Good News
Lent Series
Throughout Lent we have a series of morning services based around variations on the theme of Lent. Please check our Lent and Easter Services for further information.

We recently held a Lent Lunch and raised £85 in aid of St. Mungo’s.
Easter Day
We are reaching Easter, after the sadness of Good Friday, we are approaching the day when we celebrate the Jesus is alive! See Easter (BBC web site) to learn more about what Easter means. Check out our Easter Day activities at Lent and Easter Services.
The Passion of Christ - want to keep up with the latest news? Check out the review on the BBC web site here.
Also, a personal view from the Methodist Church web site.

Where is this?
Where is thisHave you heard been there? - Have you seen it? This is in fact a very important place in the history of Methodism - watch this space to learn more.

Thou shalt not worship false pop idols!
Have you heard about the Methodist Church initiative to find new commandments for the 21st. century? This was reported in the the Times, click here to read about them. You can also read about them on the Ship of Fools web site.

Christian Aid Week - A big thank you to everyone who supported our efforts in Christain Aid Week - check out the Christian Aid site Christian Aid Web Site. It is not too late if you have received a Christain Aid collection envelope please bring your contribution along with you to the Church.

The BBC web site has an interesting report on the view from Christian Aid that the war on terror is reducing the support available for the poor.

John Wesley

"Do all the good you can,
by all the means you can,
in all the ways you can,
in all the places you can,
at all the times you can,
to all the people you can,
as long as ever you can."
We are going to be finding out more about John Wesley, founder of Methodism - check back soon for more information.

The Jesus Box Fact or Fiction?
Have you heard about it? - there was a recent programme on BBC radio 4.
Is it a fake - check out one view here: Jesus Box (CNN).

Churches go online!!!
Have you heard about the Church of Fools - a new online Church, click the link and take a look. The Church Of Fools is sponsored by the Methodist Church.

Online Churches are clearly all the rage right now - the Church of England has just announced the i-Church. You can also click this link and take look - do these Churches have a future and what do you think of them?

Someone is clearly interested - see The Times May 19th.

Methodism in China - did you know there is a thriving Methodist movement in China that is coming under increasing persecution? It was mentioned in the Sunday Times on August 8 2004.

Born in Camelford, Cornwall, Samuel Pollard invented a new written language for some Chinese people and led the development of Christianity.


John the Baptists's cave?

Click to read what the Times has to say about finding John the Baptist's cave West of Jerusalem!

Methodist Calendar
Did you know there is a Methodist Calendar for 2004 online at Methodist Heritage UK? Take a look it has some interesting anniversaries of historical events in Methodism.
Do you know who said "Sir, whatever the world may say of me, I have lived, and I die, a member of the Church of England. I pray you to bury me in your churchyard"? Click here to find out!

Did Jesus play tennis? - Sounds crazy don't you think? But remember, Jesus did say: It is better to Serve than Receive!.

On Sunday July 11th. we said good bye to Tevita, Meleane and family. They have been in our District for 8 years now. There was an uplifting service at Wesley with over 150 people to give thanks for the work of the Siuhengalu family and wish them well on their way. In Tevita's address, he referred to their not knowing exactly where they will go or what they will do and said we should all have faith in God because he has plans for us. This is a message for everyone! Roy Slocombe gave a message of thanks from the district. The Siuhengalu children read lessons during the service and the congregation sang lustily and with good courage!. We wish the entire family well for their future and hope they will stay in touch,.

Hymn Writing- Could you be the next Graham Kendrick or even Charles Wesley? Check out the BBC's Hymn Writing Competition: click the image Hymn Writing Competition.

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