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Enormous, powerful and wonderful creator,
Praise and glory and honour are yours.
Great is your creative hand;
Each happy day, I feel the presence of God’s great name.
Jesus, I remember when I first learned about you:
Sow the seeds for hope;
Peace in our lives after the turmoil of the world.

Happy heart full of love,
The triumph of God is stronger than the sea.
Every colour under the rainbow
Surrounded by God’s love,
The vastness of your love.

Riding on a storm,
Your love is always with us.
Joy leaps in our hearts when we see your wonderful world.
Surely you are mighty in all your ways;
Rising to each moment,
May we see your glory.

Jesus is love;
Peace and power flow from you.
Gracious God, fill us with love to worship and adore you.
Everything comes from you and belongs to you O Lord.
All we see displays your glory;
Heaving oceans, perfect pools of love.
God above us, close to us, within our hearts,
Travelling through this epic journey of life.
Goodness and kindness
Trusting in you forever.

Composed by the morning congregation of Flackwell Heath Methodist Church, 4th September 2016

Last updated:6 Sep 2016 Alan Routledge

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